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July 22nd Update: Social App Pivot

There was a new web analytics report from SimilarWeb released last week that showed an increase of traffic to Snap’s advertising URL, up 23% YoY, compared to Facebook’s URL, up 4%. The comparison is provided to illustrate a common growth metric for ad URL traffic on social ads with the understanding FB receives much higher traffic volume. 

This is positive news. The report also confirmed that the popular filters maintained an increase in daily active user growth, up from 10 million to 11.6 million (peaking around 13 million with the new filters). One concern was if the filters had created an artificial new high, which does not look to be the case.

Due to the increase in app usage from this past quarter, illustrated in the PDF, the probability that Snap will beat earnings is the more likely scenario. If for some reason Snap does not beat earnings, I will still have a buy rating on the stock due to Audience Network. This will be a major breaking out point for the company’s revenue (Audience Network in testing as of April). 

In the article released 7/19, Audience Network is what Goldman is referring to as “Our checks with advertisers also lead us to believe that the company’s continued innovation in its ad-stack, particularly in self-serve, should allow SNAP to substantially improve monetization of user time spent on the platform over time.”

Technical Update:

Snap is currently trading at the $14 support level, and is holding as of today. Per our technical analysis, if Snap closes below $14, we could see it trade within the green box on the original chart ($12.50 – $9.50 range), before taking us up beyond the $20 range.  Listen to your stops, and understand that Snap’s growth story regarding Audience  Network is a matter of when, not if. The increase in app usage should also translate to an increase in quarterly revenue.

Keep in mind, there is high volatility in this stock. With the price retreating down to support levels as we head into earnings, there is likely to be a strong reaction tomorrow after- hours. Snap has jumped as much as 22% after a strong earnings report and dropped as much as 14%.

Regarding stops, we purposefully suggested wider stops to keep you from exiting prematurely, but also to get you out with a minor loss in case a correction occurs.  We may be early to Audience Network compared to the broader market, but that’s by design.

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  1. Malcolm Andrew Malcolm Andrew

    Bought about 60% of a unit today with a view to topping up when there is more news – good or bad – in the market.
    Also downloaded the app to look around. Noticed that some studios who are keen to get stuff up on Instagram about shows and actors/actresses are not on Snapchat yet despite the fact that a lot of fans who turn up at events are in the 18-30 age range.

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