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Is this Research Service Right For Me?

Thanks for your interest in my premium research. My service provides a competitive edge in technology, the leading growth sector.

What I offer is a deep dive research service. Rather than give you a stock tip every day, or converse daily over a forum, I provide weekly in-depth research reports and blog updates. This research service is similar to the format used by institutional analysts who write PDF reports and perform deep dives for limited partners.

Quality over Quantity

My goal is to provide you with 15-20 excellent tech stocks a year. You will receive information from me at minimum once per week. The quality I strive for is measured by providing fewer choices with higher conviction. My typical delivery is one PDF report and 2 blog updates per week.

This research service is ideal for:

  • Buy-and-hold growth investors who require conviction through the ups and downs
  • Momentum investors who want to know which stocks are fundamentally strong – I am often early in my predictions and this allows for higher gains
  • Investors who buy long-dated calls and long-dated puts
  • Anyone who wants deep dive analysis and clarity around tech companies

I do offer sell recommendations. While some people choose to short these stocks or buy long-dated puts, most of my sell recommendations are designed to warn my readers who may have large holdings in tech companies that I predict will have upcoming, negative surprises.

It’s important that you have a financial advisor as the service I offer is tech analysis – not financial advice. My background is in technology, therefore, the research I provide is best of breed industry analysis.

There is an abundance of research online published by financial analysts. Because my mission is to provide information before the broader market knows the information; financial analysis is secondary to the tech analysis and product analysis.  

My research is unique because it is written by a tech insider who knows the industry verticals and key metrics in technology better than financial analysts. You can view my free blog on tech stocks to see many examples of this. In addition, you can access the 12-month history of my calls here.

Technical Analysis

The analysis I write is fundamental analysis on tech growth stocks. Although technical analysis is not my specialty, knowing entry and exit points is helpful. To enhance my research services, I will be highlighting technical analysis from guest contributors on my fundamental calls, and providing a forum on each stock that I cover.

The technical reports are opinions and you will need to decide with your financial advisor when to enter or exit a stock.

Please note that the analysts I feature are those who have made exceptional returns off my fundamental analysis in the past.


These are the deliverables you can expect to receive as a subscriber to my premium service:

PDF Reports:

These reports combine fundamental analysis and technical analysis with information not known to the broader markets. These stock tips will not be published elsewhere for at least 60 days or until the stock has broken major resistance. This is institutional-level research that is original and unknown to broader markets. You will not find this depth on tech sector anywhere else. Some reports are 10-15 pages long on an individual stock.

PDF reports from the previous 30 days are accessible to new subscribers.

Update Blogs:

Updates to technicals and fundamentals on the stocks currently being covered will be provided here. You will receive automatic updates when a blog is posted. Frequency is 1-2 times per week.


The forum is provided for conversations around the stocks being covered and a chance for Q&A. Many of our readers exchange ideas on how to trade off the PDF reports and blog updates.


We do not offer refunds on monthly memberships as you will have access to analysis the day you sign up. Annual memberships may receive a refund with a 30-day notice and will be given a prorated refund based on the monthly subscription rate.  

Free Trials:

We do not offer free trials due to the abundance of free tech stock analysis provided on If you are not sure about the paid research services, we recommend signing up for the free newsletter and becoming more acquainted with the style of analysis provided.

Monthly and Annual Membership:

Monthly and annual memberships are non-commercial, single licenses. The information in the analysis cannot be published elsewhere under this membership level. Only one person is authorized access to the analysis and sharing the analysis is not authorized with a single license.

Please note: you are free to discuss the analysis on other forums and discussion boards. Any referrals are greatly appreciated 🙂

Commercial License:

Bloggers, analysts and businesses using the information and charging for it commercially, for any reason, must purchase a commercial license.


Institutions and funds must register for the institutional license to use any part of the analysis internally or externally. Free trial and bi-monthly consultation over the phone is included. Due to FINRA and restrictions for licensed professionals on using original analysis, a release of liability is issued with this membership level.

Email me at premium at for more information.

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