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  1. Andy Andy

    I joined yesterday so have a lot of reading to do. Question: in addition to Fundamental and Technical analysis do you also give specific buy/sell recommendations?
    looking forward to reading your information thank you,

    • Hi Andy, To some extent, these are all buy recommendations. The next question is the timing which is what the TA is trying to sort out. End of market cycle is maybe the most challenging so that’s why the reports point out these are great companies but next questions is when and how much. We can only provide scenarios bc we aren’t financial advisors and let you know what we personally choose to do.

      • Andy Andy


        Thanks much. Looking forward to your analysis


  2. James Bowen James Bowen

    Hi Beth, I’ve been trying to keep track of all your analysis’ of various stocks that you post on. But, I am finding it a bit cumbersome. Is there a document where you have your recommendations posted with potential entry and exit points as well as targets? Thank you.

    • Thanks for the feedback James. I know we write a lot of content! We will work on a method to organize this. Thanks, Beth

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