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August 22nd Update

SalesForce is a company that I’ve been watching closely but I don’t think it’s ready for a position yet. If they pivot, the company could become interesting again. I think hybrid is where the real market share is right now. I wrote about this in MarketWatch.

On the hybrid cloud note, I think Microsoft has a lot of runway. I wrote about MSFT before their earnings on Research Services but want to reiterate the strength of this company’s strategy right now. 

I realize not everyone that subscribes to Research Services is interested in cryptocurrency.  I did publish last week on the one alt-coin I recommend. Tomorrow I am publishing a PDF report on Bitcoin. That will be the last full-length research report on crypto for some time. Even if you are not a crypto investor, I encourage you to read them as I believe we are in a critical time period for Bitcoin and Chainlink. Quite a few technical analysts are calling for a Bitcoin pullback, but nobody truly knows with this volatile asset. You should have an insurance position in both and be prepared to add to the position during pullbacks over the next year for Bitcoin and next three years for Chainlink. 

Over the next two weeks, I will be bringing you my best cloud stock analysis as we buckle up for an exciting period in the earnings season. We have Slack, Okta, Zoom and Workday reporting between now and the first week of September. I’ll be keeping an eye on Veeva, as well. 

I look forward to chatting with you on the forum – our new UI will be released right around Labor Day. 

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  1. David Abramson David Abramson

    The Mellanox arbitrage seems like a good conservative way to generate a good rate of return for the balance of 2019. I liked the insider buying the shares, indicating he thinks the deal will close as scheduled. Beth, thanks for bringing this and these kinds of opportunities to our congregation of tech enthusiasts.

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