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Thanks for your interest in Beth.Technology.

Our service provides a competitive edge across tech stocks. Many of our bi-monthly PDF reports are 10-15 page deep dives into individual stocks is informed by tech industry experience and contains original analysis. There is no comparable analysis available on the market like what we offer.

We offer much more than lagging, earnings coverage or stock suggestions based on well-known price movements. We feel there is little edge to this approach.

Instead, we identify microtrends with domain industry knowledge to get ahead of momentum. Once we are in a position, we continually work towards updating our readers on solid entries and exits.

We do not only recommend stocks that are in our portfolio or give blanket “buy” recommendations leaving readers to fend for themselves on volatile growth stocks. We continually provide updates even when we have a low cost basis ourselves.

You will know exactly what differentiates each company and each product that we recommend from its peers. This is incredibly important for choosing winners.

Tech will continue to dominate as the leading growth sector. This premium service is designed to provide an edge for this critical piece of your asset allocation.

Institutions and smart money have analysts who come from the tech industry. They do not initiate tech positions with financial analysts or algo trading/price movements.

The service combines the strengths of two analysts for a unique approach:

  • Beth Kindig, Technology Analyst with over a decade of analysis for the private markets and an incredible track record in analyzing products and competitive positioning for the public markets (see examples below). She has spoken at many tech conferences and is a regular contributor for MarketWatch and Forbes. She has analyzed thousands of tech companies over 9+ years and outperforms due to hands-on experience with tech products.
  • Knox Ridley, finance background who began his career as an ETF wholesaler in 2007 before becoming a portfolio consultant for large RIAs, FAs and Institutional accounts. He is trained in Fibonacci Trading and Elliott Wave theory. He also uses classical technical analysis to manage risk and identify great risk/reward setups. Knox is known for calling bottoms and also helping our readers navigate major market moves (both bullish and bearish).

Our Premium Site has Moved to a New Domain Name:

Sample product coverage

  • After Microsoft missed its Q3 2018 earnings reports, we covered Microsoft Azure in detail compared to Amazon’s AWS to predict Microsoft’s comeback. This was detailed product-driven analysis (not price movements) that helped us secure a position during the Q4 2018 sell-off. This analysis also included a prediction that Microsoft would win the Pentagon contract before Microsoft had the appropriate security clearance. Over one year later, Microsoft did win the Pentagon contract.
  • We saw Nvidia’s crypto bust as an incredible buying opportunity based on the position of the company’s GPUs and data center revenue segment. Rather than get swept up in the cryptocurrency fad, we detailed Nvidia’s long-term potential as a player in artificial intelligence before other analysts caught on. You can read a sample Premium PDF here. After the PDF was published, Knox continually worked towards entries for new readers and was clear that Nvidia would make a solid buy when the stock broke $200. He provided these additional entry scenarios despite having a low cost basis during the original investment thesis formed during the crypto bust. Soon after, Nvidia hit $300.
  • Snap was set up for a stellar Q2 2019 quarter due to a release of new filters and also announcements around launching an ad exchange. We recommended Snap going into Q2 2019 and our premium members were able to secure overnight gains when the stock climbed from $14 to $17. We then downgraded our recommendation for premium members going into Q4 2019 due to specific product delays around Audience Network. Snap went on to have a revenue miss. You can read a sample PDF here.
  • We were the first to recommend Roku at $30 with detailed analysis based on the product’s ad platform potential. Our analysis was highly contested at the time we published due to competition from Google and Amazon. Over the following 18 months, Roku went on to become the best performing stock of 2019 with 300% returns due to our original investment thesis around the company’s strength as an ad platform. Meanwhile, despite having a low cost-basis, Knox has continually updated and guided our readers for low entries. We were firm on backing off the stock over the $120 level when the stock rose to $168. Knox has helped our readers gain entries around $100 on two occasions with the stock soon posting 30% higher returns following this entry price.
  • During the cloud software pullback in Q3 2019, we predicted that the pullback would be temporary as cloud software spending continues to grow. For our premium members, we drilled down on an important spreadsheet organized by many growth metrics. We initiated new coverage with new entries that helped our premium members position for cloud software gains. A great example is Zoom, which we have covered since the IPO. Knox recommended entering in the low $60s in December of 2019 and the stock hit this exact range before rising above $100 in the matter of four weeks.

More stock recommendations from the premium site:

(Last updated February 26th, 2020)

  • Little-known blockchain asset is up 140% YTD in 2020, surpassing Tesla’s rise.
  • Ongoing coverage of a small cap that exceeded Shopify’s 2020 gains of over 50% YTD.
  • Explained in great detail why Shopify would have a breakout year in 2020.
  • Guided for many successful cloud software positions during the pullback, including Shopify at $290, Zoom in the low $60s, Slack at $19 and again at $23, etcetera.
  • Recommended an entry for 18% increase the week of Feb 24th during the coronavirus sell-off

To summarize, our research site is different in the following ways:

  • We understand microtrends and product differentiation in the leading growth sector.
  • You will know what separates your investment from the other tech companies on the market; especially helpful in crowded sub-sectors.
  • Institutions and smart money have analysts who come from the tech industry. They do not initiate tech positions with financial analysts or algo trading/price movements.
  • We deliver ongoing entries and exits even if we have a lower cost basis ourselves. This is incredibly valuable with high-stakes growth positions. We firmly believe that great companies and great stocks may not be trading at a great price. We do this to protect our readers.

Here are some sample reports:

Still undecided? Find out if this research service is right for you in our General Information & FAQs section or check out Beth’s Free Blog.

Our Premium Site has Moved to a New Domain Name:

Here is what some of our readers have said:

It’s very exciting to watch your company grow from its humble beginnings, Beth and Knox. I’ve had some fine profits with your advice. And I’m going to stick with you another year because I can’t wait to see the wonderful plans you have for 2020 . Keep up the good work!

James B.

You guys are killing it and this is by far my most valuable subscription.

Nathan B.

As a long term investor and not much of a trader, I find this service to be much, if not all, of what I was looking for when I was trying to add an additional investment analysis service to my subscriptions. I find the trading perspective that is mixed in with the long term strategies discussions to be very informative and adds a welcome layer to the analysis.


I am very impressed with your service. I find it thoughtful, grounded, and insightful.

Craig F.

The most important irregular investment rule is “Find Smart People.” After managing other people’s money as a career, I can say that finding a needle in a haystack might be easier. By the time I retired in 2013 much of my time was spent on complete nonsense.

So glad that I have found Beth and Knox.

Malcolm A.

Nothing gets me more excited during my work week than to login into your subscription portal (my work emails are second priority — and ironically I work for one of the world’s most famous fintech firms where I have all stock information at my fingertips. lol!) . I love Beth’s fundamentals (in fact it’s less about fundamentals and more about strategic forecast) + technical combo (Knox would love to hear which TA books you use..). I’m so glad that I jumped on your subscription and rode on some winners.

I’ve been telling my friends about this site…hopefully you get a few more subscribers.

Allen W.

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